Learon Pray and Darryl White celebrate their senior year in athletics

Brandywine men's basketball honors seniors Learon Pray and Darryl White at the last home game of the 2013 season.

Darryl White has been fighting to get back on the court for a few years and was able to do so in 2013 in his final year. His coaches were pleased to have had White be a part of the team again. Coach Ross stated that, "Darryl has had some life struggles but has a good head on his shoulders and fights for what he wants. He came back to the sport of basketball and it's been a true honor to have coached him."

Learon Pray has been on the court at Brandywine for four years. Pray has been the backbone of this Brandywine team and has been front and center for his time here. "Learon is talented young man and it has been a pleasure seeing him grow athletically and academically over the years. He is a good guy and he will be missed," said Athletic Director, Jim Gastner.

White and Pray look forward to their last playoffs in their college career as well as starting new after graduation. All the best to both men who have made Penn State Brandywine proud.