Strong Start Not Enough to Fend Off New Kensignton

A sunny Saturday ended with a Scranton loss, although the men's soccer team fought a hard battle against visiting PSU New Kensignton.  In the first 3 minutes of game Akmet Ashimov, 8, passed the ball to sophomore wing Scott Steblinski, who shot a good goal.  Both teams continued with strong defense, although New Kensignton tested Scranton's new goalie, Mike Quinn.  With 13 saves Quinn, who was filling in for injured goalie Cody Moyle, did an outstanding job fending off the visitors.  At the half Scranton was ahead 1-0. 

After the break, an injury took Nick Milenkovski out of the first part of the second half and with a fire under them New Kensignton's junior forward, Ashutosh Pandey took the opportunity to land two goals in the latter part of second half.  With offsides called on another goal attempt for Scranton and after three yellowcards given between both teams New Kensignton walked away with the win. 

The soccer team will travel to Davis College to play their first away game of the season on Tuesday afternoon.