Mont Alto defeats Hagerstown at home opener

March 26th was the home opener for the ladies softball team of Mont Alto.  The opening game included a double header with the ladies softball team from Hagerstown Area Community College.  The crowd was large and loud as the ladies took the field for the first home show of the season.




It was all defense for the first three innings, but with two outs in the fourth inning Hagerstown's Kayla Ewing and Jess Hartman  hit back-to-back home runs against Mont Alto pitcher, Jessica Miller.  Hagerstown would score again in the sixth, making it 3-0.



Mont Alto would be up to the challenge though when they came up to the plate in the bottom of the sixth.  Jessica Miller would nail in 2 RBIs and score 4 in the inning to take the lead.  It would also be enough to win the game, as they kept Hagerstown from scoring again.




The second game started off excellent for the ladies from Hagerstown, as they scored 9 runs in the first inning.  Mont Alto again would have to assert themselves from a deficit and once again they would do it.  Chipping away slowly they scored two in the 2nd inning, but then really came alive in the 3rd.  Mont Alto scored seven runs in the 3rd inning and another three in the 4th.  Hagerstown would start a rally with two more scores in the 7th, but it would not be enough as Mont Alto would hold on to win, taking both in the double header.