Snowy Weather Doesn’t Stop Softball Team from Heating It Up

The Penn State Worthington Scranton's Softball Team hoped for a better season than last year's multiple rain outs.  Although Mother Nature spared them the wet field conditions the team has played their last two home games in low April temperatures and Wednesday's sleet and snow. 

The Lady Lions tried to heat up the field in the first game as third baseman Tara Grabowski hit a homerun followed by outfielders Angela Capone and Danielle Segilia earning triples.  The ladies fell short in the first game as the snow let up and although short stop Mar Tsakonas stole two bases and earned a run in the beginning of the second game our defense fell short and PSU Schuylkill went home with a win. 

The ladies will go on the road tomorrow to play Luzurne County Community College at 12 pm.  Good Luck Ladies!