Nothing but Action at the Start of Conference Play

Nothing but Action at the Start of Conference Play

On Friday, November 30 PSU Scranton's men's and women's basketball teams took to the court to take on PSU Beaver in their first conference games of the season. The women tipped off first and the game was low scoring in the first half as both teams executed good defense and each team exchanged baskets keeping the score close. At the half PSU Beaver led the Lady Lions by one, 32-31. Scranton was led by Jessica Segilia with 9 points and Kayla Cavanaugh and Kim Madensky also added 8 points of their own.

Going into the second half Scranton built up a comfortable 10 point lead but it slowly slipped away as Beaver fought back to eventually bring the score to within 2 points. As the game advanced each team experienced foul trouble and it became a free throw shoot-out. At the end of regulation play the score was tied 75-75 sending the game into over-time. Unfortunately, Scranton was forced to do something unusual, playing the last 5 minutes with only 2 players, returning starters Jess Segilia and Mar Tsakonas, against Beavers 5 players and 6 relief players from the bench after PSWS suffered foul trouble. The PSWS gym was on fire as fans rose and the sidelines buzzed with cheers. The multi-purpouse building was never as alive as it was during those last five minutes with fans taking video, cheering on the last two players who were fighting exhaustion against a full line up. Despite the odds against them Scranton still scored 15 in overtime with adrenaline and excitement in the air. Through it all, the two starters only fell four baskets short of the win in over-time against PSU Beaver with their heads held high, 97-90. The PSU Scranton Lady Lions were led by Jessica Segilia with 42 points and 12 assists and Kayla Cavanaugh added 21 points.

The men followed the historical women's game taking a shot at PSU Beaver themselves. The Lions from Beaver took an early lead in the first half but Scranton fought back through good defense and good shooting. At the half Beaver lead the Lions by ten, 43-33. The Lions were led by Hasiin Dixon with 12 points and DJ Davis and Kwame Simmons added 7 points each at the half. As the second half got underway PSU Beaver seemed to pick right back up where they left off in the first half but Scranton did not give up getting as close as 11 points before Beaver put the game out of reach. PSU Beaver would end up walking off the court with the win 91-77. The Lions were led by Hasiin Dixon and Caleb Smith both scoring 14 points. Also DJ Davis had 13 points and Kwame Simmons finished with 12 points.

The PSU Scranton Lions tipped off against PSU New Kensington on Saturday, December 1 at home. The Lions from Scranton got off to a quick start before New Kensington started to hit their shots making it a close game throughout most of the half. Both teams put on a strong shooting performance in the first half but PSU Scranton led 55-26 at the half with Kwame Simmons scoring 13 points and Hasiin Dixon adding 9 of his own. The second half was much like the first as Scranton did not let up coming away with the win 117-80. The PSU Scranton Lions were led by Kwame Simmons with 20 points. Also Yusef Savage, Nelson Jackson and Caleb Smith contributed 14, 13 and 12 points each.

The Lions and Lady Lions will take on PSU Wilkes Barre at home on December 13, 2012 at 6pm and 8pm. This season is nothing but action so far! Come out and show your support!!